What can we provide?

Our system will destroy 99.9% of a viral, bacterial and fungal particles, this includes Covid-19. With the deployment of the Viru-Cleanse Fog, you can be sure that we will cleanse everywhere which smoke can touch, this includes not only horizontal, vertical and even inverted surfaces, but the air itself will be cleansed of the dangerous particles.

How will it be achieved

One of our operatives or a team (depending on the size of your portfolio), will attend and carry out our Viru-Cleanse Fogging.

Target Audience
  • Small, medium and enterprise Businesses
  • Homeowners
  • Colleges and public buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Retail premises
Our Specialties
  • Safe on sensitive electronic equipment
  • Public and private transport
  • Post positive test cleans
  • Great on soft furnishings
  • Dry fogging wont damage paperwork
We conform to
  • All relevant BS EN standards
  • Use within HACCP guidelines for food preparation and food manufacturing areas
We are available for the following services:
  • Weekly contract cleans
  • Monthly contract cleans
  • Single, one-off cleans (48hrs booking notice)
  • Emergency cleans (less than 48 hrs notice)

Unlike other fogging systems which rely on a person to coat every surface, which before hand you need to remove electrical devices. Our Viru-Cleanse Fog is a dry fog, which means it is safe to use around electrical devices and won’t damage any paperwork or fabrics. In fact, because the fog penetrates into the fabrics, foams and stuffing of sofas and chairs, it will cleanse those furnishings of any hidden particles. The air itself is cleansed of any harmful organisms, thanks to the 0.3-5 micron sized particles, this makes Viru-Cleanse Fog up to 1,700 times more effective than our competitors. This is just one of the advantages of our fogging delivery system.

Whether you are returning to work in the office or have had an member of staff test positive and want to re-assure your staff that you have provided the safest possible work space, we can help.

We are able to clean offices, warehouses, transport options (aeroplanes, trains & cars), cinemas & shopping centres to name few. If in doubt, give us a call and we can talk through the options.