Viru-Cleanse Fog in Operation

Clips demonstrating the versatility of our Fogging system

Shopping Centre 00:56

Even areas as large as shopping centres can be treated with Viru-Cleanse Fog.

Dentist Surgery 2:07

Viru-Cleanse Fog is suitable for use in a medical setting. whether it’s a Dentists surgery, Dr’s surgery or a Hospital. This system offers a time & financially efficient method of mass disinfection.

Tattoo Studio 00:38

Yet another example of Viru-Cleanse Fog being used to disinfect a premises where hygiene is of the upmost importance. Because the fog is dry, fabrics are not only safe, but free of any nasties in the same process.

Office Fogging  00:31

This video was taken within the fog, showing a desk which had been isolated due to the occupant having tested positive for Covid-19.